We make wood speak.

This is how we understand our job – and create top-class wooden floors.

This is our home: in the forest by the tree, on the saw and the milling machine, working with plane and sandpaper. Because almost everything is done by hand at Tegernseer Dielenwerk. And the good thing is: we are real masters at it.

You should see our hands. We are still a real workshop or, as they say – a manufacturer. However, one with a special wealth of experience. Our employees helped line the concert hall of the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie. They have handled many projects with well-known architects, and travelled internationally to Paris, London, Moscow and Geneva.


You have an idea, a concept – we have the right wooden floor for it.

Do you require floorboards in unusual dimensions, for room length up to 14 m, up to 1 m wide, with a single, continuous grain pattern?

Whether oak or ash, pine or cherry, Douglas fir or pine ... every tree species has its own colour in addition to the grain, but we can add nuances through targeted whitewashing, pigmenting, brushing, bleaching, waxing or oiling, and thus adapt it perfectly to your project. Whatever architecture, whatever lighting conditions and room colours or design requirements you may have – we can cater to any requirement. We only use natural raw materials and do not use solvents.

All colour options are visualised with oak. Other types of wood are available upon request.


1,5 m – 3 m / 3 m – 5 m / 5 m – 14 m

Do you need floorboards in unusual dimensions, for room length up to 14 m, up to 1 m wide, with a single, continuous grain pattern?

We can do that – with our unique knowledge and many years of experience of our employees!


– 1.5 m to 3 m
– 3 m to 5 m
– Room length up to 14 m

– 15 cm to 100 cm
– Individual production options upon request


What would you like: calm or lively?

Each tree has its own grain pattern, which gives the floor its characteristic expression. We have prepared three types.


With a few pin knots, it conveys a very calm, balanced overall picture and shows a very natural play of colours.


Similar to a tree, this type shows a balanced natural pattern of knots and calm grain.


Here the tree shows its living side. Natural shades of colour and structures such as knots and fine cracks alternate – a picture with a rustic touch.


Feel wooden floors: whether you are walking on a structured floor, a hand-planed floor or one with a distinctive character. You see and above all: you feel it. We can take these sensual aspects into account in detail and work out the character of the wooden floor individually.


The floorboard’s surface is brushed by a machine. The slightly softer fibres are removed from the surface in and the harder ones remain.


The floorboard’s surface is traditionally planed exclusively by hand. This gives each board its own character.

Rustic floorboard

The top layers are laboriously hand-crafted and usually have visible saw marks that result from the cutting of the tree trunk. Open areas such as cracks and knots are filled with an appropriate filler material.


The right pattern for your final room impression

It is not just the type of wood, dimensions, type and finish of the boards that shape the character of the floor. The choice of laying pattern also has a decisive influence on its visual effect. The following is a selection of the most important patterns:

Room-length laying

The most generous and at the same time most impressive laying pattern. Because here room-length floorboards up to a length of 14 m and up to a width of 1 m determine the spatial impression.

Endless connection

Here, the floorboards are placed one after the other in different lengths and in several widths, if desired. The result is an irregular offset of the connections in the overall picture. This “spontaneous” pattern gives a lively impression.


A timeless classic among laying methods, in which floorboards or parquet strips with the same length are placed perpendicular to each other in the desired herringbone pattern. The result is a very rhythmic pattern that emphasises the depth of the room.