Room elements

Re-interpret and rediscover the architecture of the room. With stringency, harmony, and full foresight.

This is the only way we know. Maybe because we're a little vain? We make your project ours, we reflect ourselves in the beauty and perfect execution of your project. We are incredibly happy when your floor is finally in its place, and the architecture underlines and complements your room.

Around stairs and walls.

We are working with so much manufacturing knowledge and enthusiasm that our expertise goes beyond wooden floors. Around the corner, so to speak.

We offer perfectly finished wall coverings in different designs – as a supplement to wooden floors or as a warm, visually exciting contrast to stone or concrete corridors. Here, too, our entire arsenal of surface technology and processing is available. This results in fascinating surfaces – whether you want to clad a wall, enclose a radiator or clad a kitchen block.

You can also count on our experience when it comes to the production of wooden floors that gradually go upwards, i.e. stairs. We take over the whole craft, from planning and production to assembly and maintenance. Here, too, we can achieve wonderful effects with our complete surface know-how. You probably won't want to take the elevator anymore.