Tegernseer Dielenwerk

TDW – Tegernseer Dielenwerk is a company that produces unique wooden floorboards with individual characteristics.

The workshop was founded in 1952 by Markus Schober’s father. Markus took over the company in 1985 and revolutionized the wood industry by producing long and wide wooden planks. The company’s history is constantly evolving, just like every tree that carries its own unique story.

TDW’s craftsmanship is inspired by the quality of the wood, from the forest to the finished board. Each wooden plank has its own character, color, texture, and unique sound when walked upon. These features have fascinated international architects for years. The production of such large wooden planks is proof of the company’s exceptional skills and craftsmanship.

After Markus Schober’s death, the company was newly founded by Heiko Vossler, who brought it into the modern world while still preserving its traditional values. The company is supported by a well-known and respected raw material supplier in the wood industry.

TDW – Tegernseer Dielen stands for the highest craftsmanship and the use of unique wood species that give each room an individual touch. The range is rounded off by matching room elements such as interior doors, stairs, wall and ceiling cladding, and acoustics, all perfectly coordinated with the floorboards.