We offer wood the most impressive stage – the floor.

We can approach it with our feet, and are then mesmerised by its warmth and sensual structure. Or we approach with our eyes. Then it is the grain and the fine colour transitions that strike us at first glance: a kind of painting that cannot be found nowhere else in the world. After all, every floorboard is unique.


We make wood speak.

This is how we understand our job – and create top-class wooden floors. And maybe you would think that what we do is easy. Yes, maybe in theory. In practice, i.e. in the forest by the tree, from the saw to the milling machine, plane, sandpaper, wax and oil – the production of a wooden floor is much more demanding. And the good thing is: we are masters at it.


The floor is a crucial design criterion.

Even with elaborate interior measures, you cannot make up for wrong decisions made beforehand. Walls, corners and the floor represent the architecture of the room, and are the decisive factors when it comes to capturing an interior area. A responsibility we are aware of.

Tegernsee Dielenwerk_Übergang_Holzboden


Artwork, please, come in!
A homage to wood and architecture.

The Tegernseer Dielenwerk stands for craftsmanship and exceptionality. Our products also bear our extraordinary signature. Would you like to know where the tree grew, what wood was used to make your floor and
what the history of the region is? We offer a selection of outstanding trees and provide you with a certificate with their geodata. An impressive one-off piece with an identity.



Our floor will be with you for a long time. We will be too.

Our service begins with intensive advice and goes far beyond the installation of the floor.